Free and open repository of website screenshots and metadata.

80+ Million Front Page Screenshots available.

We build and maintain an open repository of website screenshot data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone. You can download or hotlink the image files entirely free using HTTP(S) or S3 or with cloudfront cdn delivery .


How can the data be used?

Screenshots of websites represent the main presentation and identity of any website, this data can be used for the following.

AI Analysis

You can perform AI analysis of the images to identify and categorize websites and domains. e.g. identify parked domains, domains containing nudity, domains which are unsafe etc.


OCR in english is already performed and available as part of the data, you can use the images for other language text ocrs.

IAB Categorization

Using the OCR data and metadata like title, description and keywords. A classification engine can be programmed.

Image Hotlinking

You may have a need to display a domain website screenshot, the images are available to hotlink using aws cloudfront distributions.

Domain Analysis

Using the metadata, coupled with ocr data and image analysis a complete profile of a domain can be built.

Machine Learning

A collection of 55+ million images along with metadata can be used to train a variety of Machine Learning models.

Would you like to start a project using common screens?‚Äč

Please send us details of the project we will be glad to include in the Example Projects section of our website via email